Empower Procurement

Who We Are

Empower Procurement is a program led by Prospect Silicon Valley and funded by the California Energy Commission (CEC). We take a deep look into opportunities to amplify sustainability outcomes through the increased adoption of clean technologies, with a focus on Distributed Energy Resources (DER). By utilizing frameworks and assessment tools, designed by our team of experts, this program allows us to provide Buyers with recommendations for process improvement and Sellers with insights to better position their products and services. Empower Procurement seeks to contribute to a set of best practices to increase sustainable, environmentally conscious purchasing.

For more information on our expert team and project partners, visit the link below.

What We Do

Empower Procurement aims to help organizations reach their clean energy goals by improving the procurement process to acquire DER products and services. The program provides institutions with access to strategic research and analysis, tailored to their specific needs and goals. 

We identify common challenges that are unique to large institutional buyers, and share market insights with sellers. By providing solutions to bridge the gap between clean energy providers and those wishing to adopt more clean technologies, Empower Procurement positions organizations to engage in purchasing that directly contributes to their sustainability goals.

To ensure that our client interactions result in precise data collection and insightful recommendations, we conduct our engagements across six Procurement Initiatives (PI) with a unique strategic focus: Products, Services, Benchmarking, DER Consulting Practices, and Contracts Language. Click on the link below to learn more about our PIs.

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