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ProspectSV Innovation & Impact: Path to Market – Decarbonized Buildings

In this hybrid event, ProspectSV talked about the opportunities coming to the Buildings industry – efficient, electric, grid-connected buildings that are cost-effective and sustainable. Speakers covered exciting trends that are driving the industry forward and the challenges coming our way.

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ProspectSV Innovation & Impact: Path to Market – Loving Your Institutional Customers

In this webinar, ProspectSV talks about how to work with big institutional customers like local governments, schools, and other social institutions.

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ProspectSV Peer Forum: Electric School Bus Fleets

We will learn about the obstacles and realities of getting ZEV Bus Fleets deployed in school districts.

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Best Practices in Planning and Procuring Solar PV O&M: Providers Perspective Cost Share Webinar

In the second training in this series, Berkeley Lab staff discussed the existing marketplace for solar, how buyers request PV O&M services, and the indication of need for O&M services as well as resources for both buyers and providers to use.

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Money Talks: Federal Funding

Navigating the world of federal funding can be intimidating and confusing. This meeting covered federal funding announcements and ways small company sellers can utilize these opportunities.

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Procuring Towards Zero – Best Practices for Lowering Carbon Emissions

This event called upon guests to give a short 15-minute presentation about a successful procurement best practice they’ve implemented in their organization. After each presentation, the floor was opened up for Q&A.

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SPLC Deep Dive Day 3 Workshop: Optimizing E-Procurement Systems for Sustainable Purchasing

This workshop will help organizations realize the potential of ERP systems in supporting their sustainable procurement goals and spark a discussion around implementation barriers and solutions.

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Empower Procurement Electrification Session at the California Climate and Energy Forum

Hear about ProspectSV’s new E-Fleet Accelerator Program, which will assist larger fleets to develop effective E-Fleet Transition Plans, as well as other EV Fleet Programs from leaders in California.

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Sustainable Procurement Opportunities for Local Government

This panel will explore the opportunities for carbon reduction through sustainable procurement approaches and what their findings may mean for Local Government.

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Benchmarking through the Roles, Rules, and Tools Framework: Tools

Concluding our three-part series on the Roles, Rules, and Tools methodology, our final webinar will be examining the available tools, platforms, and resources available that can facilitate sustainable purchasing.

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