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ProspectSV Peer Forum: Local Government Fleet Electrification – Empower Procurement Program

This event was an interactive webinar for Bay Area Local Governments. Presentations were given by representatives from ProspectSV, Electriphi, and ZNE Alliance. 

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Benchmarking through the Roles, Rules, and Tools Framework: Rules

Continuing our discussion of the Roles, Rules, and Tools methodology, this webinar will be focusing on how establishing procurement “rules” can contribute to successful sustainable purchasing. These can be integrated seamlessly into your Climate Action Plan or other organizational guidelines.

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2021 Sustainable Purchasing Policy Development Webinar #3: The Purchasing Perspective

The third webinar in the Policy Development Webinar Series reviews the impact sustainable purchasing can have at California Community Colleges (CCCs) and what purchasing officers can do to help move these initiatives forward at their own college.

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Writing Solicitations for Energy Savings

Demanding energy-saving products from the market is easy with the right purchasing language. Learn how to write effective solicitations that will save money for your organization and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Benchmarking through the Roles, Rules, and Tools Framework: Roles

Assigning someone or a team to specifically oversee sustainable procurement enables an organization to prioritize sustainable procurement and streamline product purchasing decisions and transactions. Join us as we explore the function of roles in the Roles, Rules, and Tools methodology.

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2021 Sustainable Purchasing Policy Development Webinar #2: Capturing Energy Saving Opportunities in Procurement Policies

The second installment in the Policy Development Webinar Series delivered to California Community College staff delved into how sustainable procurement policy can enhance energy savings in existing procurement processes across an organization.

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Selling Sustainability Series #3: How to Reach Institutional Buyers

Have any questions about carbon conscious purchasing in the public sector, or seeking to understand digital tools that your institutional buyers use? If you missed our webinar, you can view the recording and hear from Energy Solutions, The Energy Coalition, and the City of Santa Barbara.

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The Fundamentals of Benchmarking

This event is the first module that kicks off the Benchmarking for Carbon-conscious Purchasing training course. In Module 1 we define the meaning of benchmarking in the context of institutional procurement, how it applies to DERs, how it can be done, and why it is important.

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2020 Sustainable Purchasing Policy Development Webinar #1: Developing Procurement Policies for Energy Savings

This policy development webinar was delivered to key staff at California Community Colleges as part of the Empower program’s consulting initiative. We provide insights into six essential components to include in a sustainable purchasing policy to maximize energy savings.

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Benchmarking 101

The goal of this video series is to provide instructions to organizations about how to incorporate Procurement Benchmarking into their business practices. The video posted here is our “Benchmarking 101” introductory video.

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